Frequently Asked Questions

General Rental Information

Typically, THREE DAYS at a ONE DAY rate! Clients can pick up or have items delivered a day before the event with the client returning or Almighty Rentals picking up, the day after the event.  Weekend rentals are Friday pick up or delivery with Monday return at a one-day rate. Please note, some rentals will be excluded, such as metered equipment, need for fuel, or weekend rates do not apply for that equipment. Should our clients need rentals longer than the three-day period, OKAY!  Arrangements in advance can be made with our event specialist. One important piece of information: Should any rentals get returned late (any time after close of business on Monday after event or return date on the contact) we reserve the right to add an additional rental day and late fees. We sure do not want to, but it is the client’s responsibility to return rentals as agreed on the signed contact. This ensures our event team can return rentals back into inventory, clean and prep for the next client who is ready to rent for their special event.

Please see our donation policy for more information.

Delivery/Setup/Take Down

If you would like Almighty Rentals to do the heavy lifting to set up or take down rentals, we offer this service. Contact our event specialist to go over our rates and policy for this service.

We have a $200.00 event rental minimum for this service. We have set rates based on mileage; we call “zones”. Our event specialist will go over the zone pricing to deliver/pick up rentals. Our fees to deliver/pick up cover fuel, maintenance for our trucks and staff’s time. Delivery/pick up, must be set up in advance. We offer a four-hour window for morning delivery/pick up between 9 a.m. - noon, and a four-hour window for afternoon delivery/pick up between 12:30 p.m.- 4:30 p.m.  If time specific is requested, we offer that service for an additional fee, outside the standard zone rate and must be set up in advance. We will give the client a courtesy call when our event team is on the way. We will load or unload no more than 50 feet from the Almighty Rental truck, if we need to go beyond that distance, it is import to share this info with our event specialist beforehand to plan accordingly, as we have multiple deliveries and allocating time is critical to the success of our operation.  All rentals must be load ready just as items were at time of drop off. Any labor to locate, move or restack rentals, a $25.00 labor fee (per person) will be added to the clients contact at time of return.  Elevator or stair delivery/pick up will have an additional fee, please advise our event specialist of multiple floor or restricted area delivery/pick up before we arrive on location.

Sooo, Sunday is our rest day. However, yeah, we offer delivery/pick up of rentals on Sunday. To schedule this, we request least two weeks in advance and there is a flat rate of $200.00, that will be added along with the standard delivery/pick up zone. No client drop off of rentals is permitted outside our operating hours, including Sundays.

We offer after hour delivery/pick up, this is outside the standard zone and is based on the time the client needs rentals delivered or picked up. Contact our event specialist to go over these rates.

Order Details

Now we’re talking!  We will create a quote or “wish list” of your rentals and email to the address the client provides.  The wish list is good for two weeks (excluding tent rentals) and/or based on availability of rentals.  During peak season, March through October, we encourage our clients not to sit too long with the wish list or quote, as our inventory is used daily and we cannot guarantee items will be available when the quote is converted into a reservation. In order to confirm client’s wish list, Almighty Rentals requires 50% deposit of the total rental, email confirmation or signed agreement and a credit card. If you are paying cash, a valid credit card is still required to have on file to confirm the rentals. Lastly, before client picks up or Almighty Rentals delivers, final payment and client signature is required.

We aim to please; we want our clients to have everything they need for the event. It is the client’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of a rental order. We rent in quantities, with racks, crates, boxes and bundles. We advise our clients on our website and during confirmation to verify the quantities of items on the order. For example: White China Charger Plates rent in racks of 12. If a client requests 120 plates that is 10 racks, if a client requests 135 plates, the options are 11 racks for 132 plates or 12 racks for 144 plates. PLEASE NOTE: Almighty Rentals will not break up racks, crates, boxes or bundles. We will happily go over each rental line, but ultimately it is the client’s responsibility to verify dates, times, rental items and the quantities.  A signed rental contract confirms the client has verified and approved the rental and information on the contract.

All clients will provide a 50% deposit to create a reservation.  We offer a two-week change/cancel/add-on option before the scheduled rental date. One of our rental specialists will contact the client and confirm rentals at the two-week mark. During this time, and only for our standard rental items, clients can change, add, remove rentals. Once these changes have been made, a updated reservation will be emailed for approval, is will confirm the changes and all rental items will be allocated to the client. If we do not receive confirmation of these changes at the two-week mark, what was originally on the reservation will be considered a confirmation of rentals. We try really hard to provided inventory for our client’s rental needs, which means we sometimes order special items for the event, once we have vendor confirmation of these special orders, we are not able to cancel or change. Some examples: Specialty linens, furniture, GOBO plates, sub-rent or purchase equipment.  PLEASE NOTE: After the two-week mark, rentals are confirmed! We will not refund or cancel items. We are preparing and sometimes special ordering items, once this date as past, these items are no longer available to other clients, therefore we are unable to decrease or remove items after the two-week confirmation. No refunds will be given.  

After the event....

This is not a fun topic, but one we must talk about. Disappearance, loss and or theft of equipment is considered client negligence. Replacement of equipment is chargeable and outside our damage waiver policy.  See our damage waiver policy on our website for more info or contact our event specialist. Damage of rentals, we understand things happen out of the client’s control and we want to work with our clients to resolve the issue when it happens. See our rental policy for more information about damaged rentals. By signing our rental agreement contract, client has agreed to our policies of loss and damage of rentals.

You do not have to clean; however, we DO require all food and/or liquid is removed from equipment rentals that hold any food and liquid. A quick rinse, most of the time will do the trick. We do need to share an example here, if a chafing pan is returned with burnt or stuck on food, we will charge a $25.00 cleaning fee! It takes a long time to soak & clean burnt or dried food that sits on equipment over a weekend, so please understand the importance of rinsing any equipment used for food or liquid, we thank you! All rentals MUST be returned in the proper racks, crates and boxes Almighty Rentals provided.  Any missing racks, crates, boxes or if items are retuned outside their provided containers, a replacement fee will be added to the contract.

Lets Talk Tents!

Oooh boy! We have a whole other page on tenting!  Please click Tents for more info!

Please contact us at, if you have questions we did not answer here.

Whew, now that we got through all that, let’s get to renting some good stuff for your event!